Really, to have an edge in the market is not something that is so difficult that it cannot be done, or that it takes years to do. We just need to follow the principles of capital management, follow the trend, and use a system that can make a profit. Today will be sharing by professional trader Julian Komar specializing in US stock trading, about 4 simple steps to have an advantage over 80% of traders in the market.

1. 4 simple steps to an advantage in trading all revolve around following the trend:

  • Step 1: just enter the order according to the trend
  • Step 2: risk only 1-2% of your total capital per trade
  • Step 3: always have a stop loss to keep losses to an acceptable small level
  • Step 4: use trailing stop (by ema 65 or ema 21 or other tool) to get the biggest winnings possible

90% of traders will trade better with these principles - Julian Komar

2. During the 2015-2017 BTC bull market, there were 9 downside corrections exceeding 30% since the peak.

Since the bottom of March 2020, we have only had one such correction.

How many >30% corrections will it take before BTC reaches $200K? - Peter Brandt, legendary trader.

—> This is a warning from a legendary trader against Bitcoin's overheating. It continuously made new highs without any significant pullback, causing the uptrend to begin to turn into a bubble.

3. If 1 position starts to go negative, never extend my stop loss. Do the opposite: pull tight stop loss.

There is a very high chance that the trade was wrong if the price immediately went against the order. Want to get out of the market as fast as possible if that scenario happens - Julian Komar.

4. There is a hard truth to accept that

New traders often mistakenly believe that the larger the position volume, the larger the profit


It is very easy to lose a large part of your capital when the volume is too large, and the heavy psychology of such a large trade will make you scared and exit the order when you are not really wrong in that trade.

In many cases, smaller volume = being able to hold positions longer = bigger profits - Peter Brandt.

5. Many times the market will remind you of the importance of discipline. - Trading composure

6. 90% of traders will trade better if they

  • Follow the trend of the whole market
  • Get rid of the ego
  • Trade only markets with large liquidity
  • Learn to use charts and analyze charts
  • Trade smaller volumes and manage risk
  • Close the machine after placing an order - Julian Komar

7. How to handle losing orders

  • Use stop loss 7%
  • Close 80% of the position when the loss reaches 3-5%
  • Rarely hold positions over the weekend
  • Close order after 1 week at breakeven if no profit yet

If a trade shows a loss, there is a problem. Find a way out early - Julian Komar