Another American crypto exchange has chosen to stay away from XRP because it does not want to get involved in the Ripple scandal.

Recently, a source from CTG said, “A sizable cryptocurrency exchange based in the US has suspended all XRP trading because it does not want the SEC and Ripple lawsuits to affect its operations. Future".

That is PayBito exchange.

PayBito is a sizable cryptocurrency exchange in the US that has processed $1.1 billion worth of transactions in the last 24 hours and is one of the largest XRP exchanges in the US. 

In a recent announcement, PayBito said it will suspend all XRP-related transactions, although four XRP trading pairs were previously available on the exchange and XRP/USDT exchanges are considered the most popular but PayBito still decided to delist XRP from the exchange.

PayBito added that “the suspension of trading will not affect users’ XRP holdings and those holding this coin on the exchange can still move them out of the exchange at any time.”

PayBito CEO Raj Chowdhury stated:

“Our decision to suspend XRP trading will certainly not affect users' access to XRP. Anyone holding XRP can transfer XRP to other exchanges”

PayBito said that it will monitor the development of the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple, and if the situation improves, they may reopen trading for XRP.

Currently at the time of writing, there is a long list of exchanges in the US that have canceled XRP transactions. For example, Binance.US, eToro, Coinbase, Bittrex, OKCoin, PayBito, Kraken… Even some exchanges have completely delisted this coin.