Death is perfect, careless, needless, purposeless, selfless.

According to translator Nguyen Hien Le, the above sentence has the following meaning:

Confucius completely abandoned these four vices

  1. "Intentional" is to consider something, do not bring your own will (or lust) into it, but follow what is right;
  2. “No All”, ie not determined that it is all right, it can all be done;
  3. "no Co", ie not stubborn;
  4. "Selfless", ie forgetting oneself, not letting the self obscure (or be unselfish, but be fair and impartial).

In fact, this is a philosophy that is extremely meaningful to us traders

  1. When we are indifferent, we trade according to what the market tells us, be it based on price action, based on indicator or volume. In short, it's based on what the market is offering, not on your own. When we buy, we look for bullish signals, if we sell or stand outside, we can't find bearish signals! Take Bitcoin for example during this time, sellers or non-holders are often looking for bearish ideas, which is not true. On the contrary, those who are holding will often be over-excited, it is good to see an increase, but you also need to think again and know enough, that the market will increase and sometimes have to fall. When the market shows signs of falling, boldly exit the order and ... forget it!
  2. When we enter All, we enter orders with a relaxed mind. Although the market moves in our favor, we are still cautious, always keeping our way back. By knowing that "nothing is certain", we always have contingencies, and "knowing to cut losses" is "nothing"!
  3. When we do not try, we do not persist in holding orders to wait for the market to reverse, we will boldly cut orders and wait for the next opportunity. Holding on to your wrong will only make things worse!
  4. When we have no Self, we know "win or lose is normal" or "stop loss, take profit is no big deal". Losses are redone, profits are kept or withdrawn, to be used for the next loss. When we are selfless, we do not need to argue with the market. When we are selfless, we know that nothing is certain. When we have no Self, we have no intention, no need, no effort.

In short, here are 4 things that we think are right, but not sure we can do, and also difficult to do, when human instinct is "Being" - Willingness, Being All, Being Intent, and Being. Fall. However, perhaps with time and experience, we will reach an "asymptotic" to the above.