Trade account 1000 USD - Goals and overview plan

The plan is that we have a capital of 1000 USD, the goal is to Trade for many years to accumulate a large amount of money. Let's say 30 years go.

The average profit in 1 year is 20%, which is okay for a trader. But to keep 20%/year for 30 consecutive years, you will become a legendary trader.

After 30 years, the account will become 237,376 USD. With this money, you can retire.

If you are still not satisfied, every 1 year we will save and add 1000 USD to the account. Result

After 30 years, we have more than 1.6 million USD. Enough to buy a house and rest for the rest of your life.

It's not easy to do, guys, it's hard to keep a profit of 20%/year for many consecutive years. If you can do that, you deserve a spot among the best traders in the world.

Well, let's hope it works. Now comes the step of implementing the detailed plan.

Trade account 1000 USD - Capital management, capital management, capital management

Because it is a small account, you often neglect capital management. If you want to trade that account for 30 years without managing capital, how can you do it?

Each trade must not risk more than 2%. It is enough to follow this principle. With 1000 USD to Trade regular lot on D1 frame, 2% is fine. Basically, you will trade about 0.01-0.03 lots for currency pairs if you follow this principle.

Many accounts have only a few hundred dollars, but they keep hitting 1 lot. The account only has a few thousand dollars but a few lots. Fire is certain.

Trade account with 1000 USD - Choose a hug floor

Please choose a hug floor (the house) to Trade this account. The advantage is fast order entry, good spread, extremely low fees, com is sometimes free. ECN accounts are only for guys with a lot of money, in fact there are many reputable exchanges. I'm also trading a hug exchange for a small account, no problem.

Trade 1000 USD account - Which trading system to choose

Any system that has the advantage is Trade.

There's no secret here. All systems will work well one time and lose the other. As long as you make more money in good times, than you lose in bad times, it's profitable.

The key is to make a profit, so that the winning orders are many times larger than the losing orders.