Blockchain tracking and analysis company Santiment says whales bought a large amount of Ren (REN) this February, sending the altcoin's price to an all-time high.

As reported by Santiment, at the end of January, the number of whale addresses holding over 1 million REN spiked.

The company also found that “the number of unique addresses interacting on the REN network has steadily increased.” And finally, they point out that “the daily number of new REN addresses is also quite staggering.”

Perhaps what helped more than anything to increase whale interest in Ren this month was the announcement on February 2 that “the Ren development team will be joining Alameda.”

Ren's blog post says:

As part of joining Alameda, the Ren development team will prioritize Solana support in our Multichain libraries and within RenVM itself. This support is currently being tested and we anticipate that we will be able to begin connecting assets to/from Solana in Q2. Doing so will not only have a profound impact on the Serum, but on the ecosystem as well. the larger Solana state.

The Ren team added:

This new partnership will also have a big impact on the blockchain space, especially Solana. With the ability to move ETH and ERC20 between chains, there is also the ability to move SOL, SRM, and other Solana native assets between chains. This will help deepen Solana integration into DeFi, bringing more liquidity and utility to applications and their assets.