1. Bitcoin BTC

10% adjustment done - maybe that's all we got
A 20% correction will hit the target of 46.693
1 round of 30% correction will reach the target of 40.856
A 35% correction (average % correction in the 2015-2017 uptrend is 30%) will reach the target of 37,938.

January peak at 41,986 would be a good place to buy - Peter Brandt.

2. A 20% correction would look like this. That might be enough to get the market healthy again. The purpose of such corrections is to weed out FOMO buyers buying at high prices.

—> Thus, the legendary Peter Brandt said that a 20% correction of BTC as we have seen just now is just enough to bring the market back to its normal unstretched trend. And above is also the price he recommends to buy Bitcoin. Note that Peter Brandt only trades on the large timeframes from D1 and above, so day traders who specialize in trading H4 or below may not take advantage of this insight.

3. Do not trade OTC securities. But if there is trading of such securities then XRP will be an interesting market for me. Inverted head and shoulders pattern in progress - Peter Brandt

4. Sell my Bitcoins yesterday. Many of my Facebook friends expecting a $100,000 price, analysts calling for a risk-free buy into Bitcoin have made me even more cautious with Bitcoin and the overall market at the moment. With that said, never seen an asset more dangerous than Bitcoin in his 37 years of trading - Mark Minervini

—> Wizard Mark Minervini has a more cautious view of Bitcoin. Although it is known that both Mark Minervini and Peter Brandt are the best speculators in the market, it is normal for them to have different views on the same asset. Just like in technical analysis, on the same chart, he can advise to buy, the other can advise to sell, he can advise to stay out. As long as you make a profit.

5. Trading is 1% theory and 99% practice

Which means you will never succeed until you practice in the market, give *** to the stone market, and learn the lessons in the process.

No book or course will teach you that because you have to practice and train yourself - Trading Composure, professional trader.

6. “If you don't trade aggressively, you won't make a lot of profit, and if you don't trade carefully, you won't keep your profits.” - Ray Dalio