Intuition is also understood as intuition or the sixth sense that allows us to see, feel what the other 5 senses cannot see and feel, specifically, feeling, premonitions, imaginations... or in general, all that belongs to the invisible world that is not part of the visible world that the other five senses cannot see. That's why people often whisper to each other the idea that many times through intuition, people escape many dangers.

Many believe that man has progressed from primitive thinking based on religion and miracles, to progress and into scientific and analytical thinking. As a result, people view emotions and intuition as bizarre and misleading ways of thinking.

When you have more experience in a certain area, your brain has more information to compare with the current situation. That makes intuition more reliable. That means that with creativity, intuition can grow with experience.

In Trading we see the complexity of the Market in some perspective due to its poor ability, must go from the easiest to understand and combine them step by step from there to be able to use intuition in the most optimal way.