Believe in the prospect of a year earning a few billion, listening to you invest in Bitcoin and then lose both money and friendship.

You used to have a friend who used to be quite close and now you claim to be a consultant, financial manager, real investment. The idea is also to invest in Bitcoin, BTNP... Because it's a place where friends trust each other and because you invite too much, it's respectable, so you also invest a little. At that time, do not think much about the prospect of making a few billion in profit a year as your initial promise, but simply think that you should play, and then withdraw your capital when due.

However, when it is due, asking you to withdraw your capital is not as easy as imagined. At that time, it was true that the more pink something was drawn, the darker it received. You explain all kinds of reasons, which is "time to change the rules", which is "risky investment, so you have to accept the game and be responsible for your decisions", which is "as if it were It was an experience…”.

keep calm and still try to politely ask you if there is any way to withdraw capital? You just reply: "For the calculation, if there is anything that can help, it will help".

You still ask and encourage you to think of ways to earn more. You again promise to help earn several billion a year, just invest and act on you. In short, still returning to the old post, still drawing a rosy prospect to lure further investment.

At the end of the conversation, tell yourself that this is also the end of a friendship. You've given the experience, that you will be responsible for your own decisions, even when doing business with the people you trust the most.

Above are a few shares for you to clearly see the risks when you invest in any field without understanding. If you simply follow the promises, trust someone completely, and then pour all your money into the fields of huge profits like Bitcoin, stocks, etc., you will have to accept the possibility of losing everything. both. Hope you will have a careful look and think carefully before deciding to invest.