"Dharma handed down righteous and evil

Enter the main evil generation to change chewing

The Witnessing Khan ant crosses the clouds

'Lots of peace and quiet oa'

Excerpt: Gia Co Thien - The Rootless Love Song - Tam Phong True Human.

From the beginning of trading, often visit friends, discuss about cutting losses and taking profits. If you travel a lot, you will meet many new people or your fellow believers lose too much, some people burn many times, some people fight forever without words, it's really bitter.

Asking friends, some use Ichimoku, some use Fobonacci, some use Price action to draw trendlines, some have a bunch of indicators on the chart.

Most people only learn the outer skin, but do not understand the inner core, it is really close to the bridge far away, the root for the top. Poor people can only sigh when they see the Dao, it is true that people who study the Way are as many as buffalo hair, and those who understand the Way are as rare as the horns of a lion.

Now, please clarify the truth and falsehood, point out the mistake. Trading has only 2 things for the friends to do:

The first is to identify important price zones, this is very easy, there are MA users, supply demand users, if any friend is still confused, it is easiest to just aim at the old bottom and the old top.

The second thing is to determine the market force, when the price reaches an important area, if the force is weak, it will reverse or reverse, if the force is strong, it will penetrate. This is the hardest part, traders from excellent to good, good, average, weak... more than lose each other here.

Determining the market force also shows how to go trailling stop, strong force goes another way, force weakens another way. If the market force cannot be determined, only knowing how soon SL can make a let profit run.

The friends, no matter what system they use, naked or indicator, just need to grasp the market force, they will have the victory in their hands. And if you only know the price is cut up, buy, the indicator goes down, then sell, or if you see a pinbar, then hit the opposite without assessing the market force, the profit is just like the flower in the mirror, like the moon at the bottom of the water, looks close. narrowly without any way to reach the hand.