We tend to be subjective when it comes to quick wins. For example, the profits that come from buying MEME stocks like GAMESTOP can be a quick return. But one fine day when you wake up, that profit has evaporated and you suffer a loss again.

When you don't have solid discipline, you can even lose your profits to bad trading decisions! Here are the points to remember to help you not oversleep on top.

Risk management with partial entry and exit tools:

Partial exits help prevent FOMO and help maximize profits while your trading idea is still valid.

If your risk management style leans towards protecting "on paper" profits, then you should consider partial entry and exit.

Remember, winning is still winning. $200 in closed profit is still better than $1,000 profit on "paper". Remember Game stop as a lesson, a lot of people are empty-handed after making a small profit!

You don't need to "catch the top, pick the bottom" to win the game

It's tempting to share a 10x account earning story with friends on Reddit. But remember, you don't have to catch the top and bottom to be profitable in the long run.

Consider buying high and selling higher or trading less popular but better risk-weighted assets (Don't try to follow the crowd).

If you do your research right and manage your risk closely, there are other opportunities for you to be profitable.

Winning trades can also cause as much damage to a trader as losing trades

Being overconfident about winning can stop you from doing the processes that helped you win in the first place.

Always study your trading log for habits to continue and habits to avoid. Take notes and include them in your trading plan.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint

Trading is an endeavor that requires concentration and alertness.

You can't have it all in one day. You have to spend every day researching, learning and absorbing ideas.

Focus on the activities that make you most productive. Take care of your mind and body. Eat well, get enough sleep and exercise so you don't make avoidable mistakes like entering the wrong position size, placing the wrong order.

The market doesn't care about your analysis

Just because you're confident in your analysis doesn't mean the price will go your way.

Price action is the sum total of the decisions of thousands of traders - both institutional and retail - who don't know you.

The market can work against you and it can take you far. Make sure you are prepared, constantly manage your risk and only risk what you can afford to lose.

Take responsibility for your decisions

Good traders know to take responsibility for their winning and losing trades. They knew that Profit and Loss was just a product of the trading system and they executed their plan strictly.

The sooner you take responsibility for your decisions, the sooner you can eliminate bad trading habits and refine your trading system for more consistent profits.