Tesla CEO made headlines again in the crypto community when he responded to "Golden tycoon" Peter Schiff's comment about current BTC and ETH.

“Gold tycoon” Peter Schiff, a renowned financial analyst and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, tweeted: “Elon Musk considers Bitcoin almost fiat money, I agree. , but I think of Bitcoin as 'digital fiat', more than a Central Bank-issued currency. Gold is different, gold is better than both (BTC and Fiat).”

Responding to Peter Schiff's comment above, Tesla's CEO replied that "He said in an email that owning gold is the same as not owning, he also owned cryptocurrency. Fiat is just a medium of exchange for goods. Bitcoin is the same, also convertible but it can also solve many other problems, like latency…and this system will be developed more and more.”

And just moments later, Musk continued to tweet that “BTC and ETH prices are looking high.”

The above tweet then immediately caught the attention of crypto investors. Because Musk has also previously said that "Tesla's market capitalization is too high", and after just this one tweet, Tesla's capitalization "evaporated" to $ 15 billion.

Many people are doubting that Musk is trying to correct the price of BTC and ETH, and whether he will tweet in the next few days to 'drop the line' to let the price of these two coins fall?…there are many questions is being set.

Many crypto investors on twitter are concerned that in the near future Musk may "do something" to pull the price of BTC and ETH down…just like he pulled the capitalization of Tesla.

Cryptocurrency trader Matt Jr. said: “It's like Musk is manipulating this market. Now the price of BTC or some other coins goes up or down depending on his mood, the market is full of risks, I think in the future I will stay out.”