Late one Sunday night in early July 1899, the Jewish-American financier, Bernard Baruch, then less than 30 years old, was watching the course of the Spanish-American War on the radio. , and suddenly heard news of the U.S. Navy's defeat of the Spanish fleet at San Diego.

"The Spanish-American war will end. At this time, buying stocks will definitely be a fortune", Baruch immediately commented. Although stock exchanges in the United States are usually closed on Mondays, Baruch still booked an early morning train the next morning, then raced from home to his office at the fastest speed of the late century. 19th century at that time. The "eating" of a large number of shares on the private stock exchange really created the miracle of getting rich "overnight".

For many seemingly unrelated things, Bernard Baruch was always able to discover the inner connection between them and seize his own business opportunities in this connection.

Charles-Louis Havas, a Jew imbued with the ideas of the "Talmud", founded the Havas News Agency in Paris in 1832 and made money directly by selling information. Havas Agence is the world's earliest news agency. Agence France-Presse (the third largest news agency in the world, behind AP and Reuters, and the world's largest source of French news) has grown from it today.

Paul Julius Reuter is of Jewish descent, Reuter worked for Havas News Agency for a time, then founded Reuters news agency in the UK and started the news distribution business on his own.
These two major Western news agencies earn bucket after bucket of gold in the circulation of information each year.

In the United States, both the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" were founded by Jewish families. The current president of the news agency - the largest news agency in the United States, the Associated Press, Donald Newhouse is also Jewish.

There are many examples of Jews making money from information.

Today, in the world of information circulation, there are many Jews and Jews in hiding.

In today's information age, all Jews are a database of information, and they are all masters of information search.

With an almost innate sensitivity to information, the Jews eventually became masters of the world by manipulating the world economy.

In a business battle with players and talented people like ants, when the opportunity comes, it is likely that many people will find the opportunity, several opponents at the same time attacking the same target. This is a contest for power, a contest of wits, and even a contest of speed. Jews always emphasize the point that when doing business, who wins, this depends largely on speed.

Therefore, under the premise of being the same direction and condition, speed is proportional to power. Flowing water can grind stones because of its speed, can catch rabbits and rabbits because of its speed, only speed has advantages. If you do not understand this, it is very difficult to do business.

Jewish entrepreneurs have always believed that "information is money", they also always believe that the right information can decide success or failure. Therefore, Jewish entrepreneurs have formed for themselves a focus as well as a sensitivity to information.

The quickness of the news of the Jewish merchants was world-renowned. According to the Japanese business world, Jewish entrepreneurs love to buy bankrupt foreign companies. Whenever the Japanese have a bankrupt company, Jewish businessmen in the US will be the first to know this news. When many Japanese business owners even in the country, they all get information from Jews.

In addition, Jewish merchants also believed that if they received information that a certain product had great market potential, they had to act quickly, and at the same time had to do the "4 quick":

1. Quick design. That is, new products need to be designed according to specifications, quality, brand, moreover the design time should not be too long, so as not to slow down time and affect the fast production process.

2. Quick capital mobilization. Once the design is complete, it is advisable to raise capital as soon as possible. Whenever a business project is carried out, the problem cannot be solved without certain investment capital. Raising capital is not an easy task, the required amount and channels of mobilization need to be clarified, the source of capital must be available and the opportunity must not be missed.

3. Quickly put into production. As long as the production and business conditions are met, products must be produced at the fastest speed on the basis of quality assurance, and all procedures are completed before the products are put on the market.

4. Sales quickly. When you make a product, you have to sell it when the market is good and turn that product into money.

Of course, the Jewish merchants said, there is always another situation that can happen, when your product is manufactured and the goods are shipped, the market is not as good as you expected. However, according to analysis and prediction, waiting for a certain period of time for the market to rise again, then it is also possible to wait for opportunities. Using information in this way, will definitely make money.

Jewish businessmen believe that having valuable information and good ideas is not enough, it is necessary to take practical and quick measures to turn wishes into reality, as well as turn information into money, if no everything is just an illusion.

Executives gather market information and develop business strategies to seize opportunities. The so-called chance refers to a certain special condition that occurs for a moment, it is of a certain random nature and is usually transient. Once an elite "seize" this opportunity, he will take advantage of it and take advantage of it as quickly as possible. One step fast, the sky is wide, the river is long, half a step slow is a deep abyss.

Relying on information to make money is an indispensable magic weapon in business. Jewish businessmen believe that without information, operators will be like blind people, not knowing what to choose when faced with intersections stretching in all four directions.