First, would like to introduce to you a method that is quite simple, but very effective. This is one of the methods use to trade stocks and trading. Of course it's not the holy grail, it still gives us losing trades. But basically, show you how and how to catch a big trend for those who love trending markets.

Trending markets are really easy to trade when you can catch them in the first place. Have been backtesting this strategy for a while, with the software "Seven". This is to avoid excessive entry by placing all the currency pairs that have entry points in the same platform.

Trading too much will mess up my backtesting. The main reason have to backtest and check/study the old charts is because if we can catch the trend from the beginning then the retracement entry will be minimized.

Also we will be able to make a profit regardless of how much or how little the account is.

1. The method works best on the Daily timeframe or higher, because there is too much noise on the smaller timeframes, tried on H4 and of course failed.

2. It works both when the market is sideways and when breaking out from that sideways zone. Will post the charts so you can see a clear picture.

3. This method is for swing traders and position traders. Not for scalpers and day traders. Of course if anyone can use it in a shorter time frame with success that would be great.

The indicator using is none other than one of the indicators that professional traders use to make profitable profits - Bollinger Bands. For those who already know how to use Bollinger Bands, it will be much easier. If you like to use, it is easy to learn.

When the market is sideways we have to be patient and know that a breakout is coming. Follow the weekly and daily charts. When the weekly chart closes above the middle of the Bollinger Band and at the same time in the Daily frame a bullish candle closes above the upper band, it is an opportunity to enter a BUY order.

In contrast to the case of SELL orders. When the weekly candle closes the middle of BBs and the first Daily candle closes below the lower band, it is a signal and a SELL order.

If the weekly candle closes strongly above the middle band but the daily candle does not close above the upper band, the condition is considered unsuccessful. You have to be patient, wait until the Daily candle closes above the Upper Band or below the Lower Band to enter the order.

There are exceptions please. On my first entry in NZDJPY, I got a stop loss. Although the stop loss was hit because of the retracement, I know that the uptrend has started. No problem at all.

You will see on the NZDJPY chart ( will post pictures below), after the first failure there is a signal to SELL on the weekly chart but still no signal on the Daily. Closed all orders before the US election. Then went in again. This time it was right, and the price ran very far. So when stoploss is hit, don't worry. Set a reasonable stop loss and try to control the risk, patiently waiting for the next entry point.

Capital Mangement:

+ Still following the old rate that I advise you, set the risk rate no more than 2% / transaction. Total portfolio risk should not exceed 6%.

+ Set stop loss based on ATR (my recommendation is 2ATR) or your way if you backtest it and it works.

+ Calculate the trading volume according to the risk ratio and stoploss.

+ Use more scaling in and scaling out techniques to optimize transactions.