❓How long have you relied so much on other people's signals that you still haven't understand how the market works ?
❓For you, what is the trading career ? Would you like to approach it as a real job and a long career ?
❓Do you have a plan for it ?

👉If not, you will probably need a training from Captain about all the secrets of the market. Everything will be revealed based on the Captain's point of view.

The skills you will learn in BASIC TRAINING COURSE
✔How to properly understand the market nature
✔How to draw basic trendlines
✔High winrate Price pattterns
✔High winrate Japanese candlestick patterns
✔Basic Indicators : Bollinger Bands (BB), Ichimoku Cloud, Relative Strength Indicator (RSI), Stoch RSI, MACD, Moving Average (MA) 

The skills you will learn in ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE
✔How to draw advanced trendline combining secret indicators
✔How to use Fractals in Trading
✔How to identify the resistance and support zones with Supply & Demand
✔How to identify the Valuation of coins or another assets with Price charts
✔And more…

(Accept all crypto coins, which supported on Binance)

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Let's consider trading as a professional job!